Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MD 308 Leo Forum 2011 Day 2

Previously few months ago I was blogged about the Leo Forum 2011 which held at Johor Bahru. I just realized that I missed out posting about the Day 2 and Day 3 blog post to you guys. Anyway, sorry for that and now I try to update it as well! Flashback from the previous post if you already forget that before you read this!
For the 2nd day of the event, early in the morning I was accompanied my best buddy Ivan Lim to hospital due to his injury on his ears. Still remember that the Day 1 night we were having the Foot Loose session on dancing session, he accidentally get injured by the glowing light sticks that use while concert. After back from the hospital we joined them on the motivational session!
After that we were having our own sub District 308B2 Leo Forum. The whole meeting was host by Leo Cabinet and together the 2010-2011 District Chairperson Lion Alan Thoo. Inside the Sub District Leo Forum of course there were a lot of awards given out.
Merit Green Award
Ivan and Lion Ong
Look at those awards and fortunately our school as well as our club getting those awards too! Included Top Awards, Outstanding Awards, Merit Awards and many more! It was the pride for us because we had contribute our hard works in the fiscal year 2010-2011! First I would like to thank is Lion Alan who confirmed our contributions to the club as well as RCC Lion Ong Lai Peng leading us well through the whole fiscal year.
Leo Forum 2011 Day 2
Kok Meng, Zhao Yao and Me!
In the night, there was the formal banquet night. As you can see that everyone dressed formally when attending this banquet night dinner. Since everyone dressing smart and pretty, we took the opportunities to take photos together as the souvenir! Anyway, for guys handsome look for girls pretty look!
Leo Forum 2011 Day 2
Leo Forum 2011 Day 2Leo Forum 2011 Day 2
Leo Forum 2011 Day 2Leo Forum 2011 Day 2
All my friends there were dressed smart too!

Congratulation to my former Assistant Treasurer Leo Nicholas Oh being awarded as the TOP Leo of the Year! He was doing well through out the whole fiscal year. He provided a lot of ideas that carried out on the projects! Bravo Nicholas! ROAR.
On that ceremony, of course there were several TOP awards awarding to several LEOs and also several Leo Clubs. Congratulation to Leo Club of Sam Tet from Ipoh, Perak getting the TOP Alpha Leo Club award for 2010-2011 and as well as Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis getting the TOP Omega Leo Club award for 2010-2011! There were the pride for them because they had worked hard on carrying out awesome projects!
After that, not to forget that our former District President Leo Eliza Chia being awarded as the TOP Leo Award from the Multiple District 308 Council. Congratulation to her and also she had made the pride for all the District 308 B2 Leos! I was glad to know her as well and I was proud of her serving around and finally get this award! Eliza, ROAR!!
Leo Sherlyn Lim from Leo Club of Penang Chinese Girls High School being awarded as the TOP Treasurer award for 2010-2011. Congratulation and ROAR!!
Leo Lee Lia from Leo Club of Penang Chinese Girls High School as well getting the TOP Secretary award for 2010-2011. Congratulation and well done on her hard work, ROAR!!
Leo Chi Cheng from Leo Club of Poi Lam High School being awarded as the TOP Vice President for 2010-2011! Congratulation to her and of course ROAR as well!!
Performances by Harmonica Band!
What's up next? Group photos of course!! =) Let's view the great photos that taken on that night!
My best brother, Ivan with the Penang Girls Lai Teng, Yi Wen together with Lion Ong.
Kok Meng and Ivan with National University Singapore representative.
Kok Meng with one of the Ipoh popular leng lui, Joe Yi Chan!
A group photos with Kota Bahru Leos together with us Penang Leos. Starting from left standing Jun Ming, Chee Meng, Ivan, Me and Huei Hong. Sitting: Amanda, Juh Yong
Glad to know the Leos who from KL which stated in District 308 B1. I'm sorry forget the name of their club already.
As well as most of us requested to have a footloose session again. Even our District Chairperson Lion Alan, all RCCs were joining us on the last night footloose in the hall for almost 45 minutes! It was fun for the last night being there! Fun to be Leo... Day 3 blog post will be coming soon! Stay tuned!

*Wish all SPM candidates who are taking trials! Good luck and All the Best!! =) Posted by GenYong 06.09.2011


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