Thursday, September 15, 2011

2nd Chung Ling International Student Camp Part 1

In a few months ago, July my school had the 2nd International Student Camp for 10 days. As well as was like last year but this year the standard were better and there were more participants joined it. This year there was around 10 schools joined us on this event. Although I was not in a part of the committees, but I was glad that I could join them for the 1 week camp in school.
This was snap from my class looking at most of the uniform unit were there showing the respect to VIPs.
2nd Chung Ling International Student Camp2nd Chung Ling International Student Camp
The camp facilitators were there singing the theme song to all the participants. This was snapped from the back stage.
Lester and his friend were posing to the camera. Both of them were camp facilitators.
As well as for Chinese Orchestra also performing the 24-series drums as the performances.
Showing off their talents to the whole international students! Not bad.
The song that composed by the organizing committees who was a Form 6 student. "Because of You" the theme song!
I had helped out on the opening ceremony for the camp. This year was not like last year having the opening ceremony in weekends. This year the opening ceremony was held on Monday a schooling day! So I just could snap some photos that are un-officially and not so nice.
At last I could see that the banner for this year was professionally designed. It's much better than last year one! Wow... I like the graphic design and it looks more commercial. Sponsored by The ONE Academy... Nice! Stay tuned for more International Camp updates. Posted by GenYong 15.09.2011


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