Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2011

Flashback to 4 years ago, it was year 2007. I started my blog in Mid Autumn Festival (25/09/2007). Although I had left my blog away last year, but now I am come back to continue writing out my life. So wishing everyone Happy Mid Autumn Festival and take the chance to reunion with your family!

Mid Autumn Festival 2011
For the mooncake festival, there are of course must have the mooncake to eat. Am I right? So have you eaten your mooncake?
Nowadays the mooncakes are selling in high price. My family not really like to buy mooncake annually. Those mooncakes were actually presented by my aunt to my grandma! So I just take the chance to snap some photos on it. Every year also have this kind of festival, the concept of this festival is to reunion with family, have the mooncake together, kids playing lanterns and everyone shares their aspiration under the moon!

So I take the opportunities here to wish everyone Happy Mid Autumn Festival. 中秋节快乐!Posted by GenYong 12.09.2011


hayabusa974 said...

happy mid autumn festival, we have the same in our island, it's come sometimes from taiwan or HK.

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