Friday, September 23, 2011

2nd Chung Ling International Student Camp Part 4

Alright, thank you everyone who had wished me Happy Birthday recently... This year I was not celebrate my birthday due to my school trial are going on. So just some simple cakes and wishes will do. Now let's continue with the part 4 of the blog post, I think it can be the last blog post of this event already.
2nd Chung Ling International Student Camp2nd Chung Ling International Student Camp
After they visited the scout tent and st john booth. They went to the Form 6 block which exhibited by Boys Brigade Team. A very warm welcoming everyone by the musician! It was really a good welcoming skill... LIKE it.
Next, walked to school hall and there were sponsored free drinks to everyone! It was so good for our alumni. They could even sponsor a lot of drinks to students. After a few days, everyone also tends to get one free drink! Bravo Chung Ling! =)
Shi Hao who was the cool drummer. He could play a lot of musical instruments. He can play Piano, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard and even can break dance and street dance! He was really a talented guy! As well as a cool guy! =)
2nd Chung Ling International Student Camp2nd Chung Ling International Student Camp
2nd Chung Ling International Student Camp2nd Chung Ling International Student Camp
Every society and clubs were busying with their exhibition. The best way to show outsiders about their achievements and features. This time the outsider not the local people, it was regarding to the international. So I think everyone was taking the chance to push Chung Ling up to the International Level in 2012. xD!
My friend Yang Kwang was the president for chinese calligraphy society. He was in charged on the exhibition too. What I could see at the exhibition, it was really unique calligraphy tools. The chinese words were so unique and the top word 钟灵欢迎你 means Chung Ling Welcome You! It sounds meaningful to everyone! Good one..
Lastly, I walked to the Harmonica Band Booth. They were showing out the different types of harmonicas. I don't know harmonica but I only know that harmonica can performing solo too! Harmonica contains a lot of type. So did you play harmonica? xD Posted by GenYong 23.09.2011

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