Thursday, September 8, 2011

Suara Kami! Malaysian Boy

Suara Kami, a brand new musical band from Malaysian for the purpose of celebrating Malaysia Day! While I was watching television especially while tuned to Astro Channel 318 I watched a lot of times about their music video. Inside the video there contains all the Malaysian included Malay, Chinese and Indian.

This is a very good concept on showing out we are 1Malaysia. We are all Malaysian Singers, we live together, composed music together, recorded video together! I think this event is a concert which will held at KL on 17th September 2011! So guys, if you are free please go and support the local band!

Details of concert:
Date : 17th September 2011
Time : 12pm till late
Venue : Stadium Merdeka, KL

Suara Kami, Malaysia Boy!!
Posted by GenYong 08.09.2011

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