Saturday, September 10, 2011

District 308B2 Leo Clubs Heroes!

Through out the fiscal year of 2010-2011 while I was served as Leo, I found that Leo Clubs are a good charity based club in Malaysia and also in the world! I learnt a lot of lessons being a Leo, I understand that the community needs our help, the environment need us to make a difference, the local people inspiring us!
Lion Alan with the Leo of the Year 2010-2011 Leo Nicholas Oh!
Lion Alan with Lester, Huei Hong and Ivan!
In Leo Club, I know a lot of popular people inside it! First of all I know the Former District Chairperson Lion Alan Thoo through out this year. I was glad to know him because he is really a SUPERMAN! He is a well events organizer, events conductor, and many more! From my opinion, he did mentioned the Advance Internet Marketing Strategy (A.I.M.S) concept to all of us, that's why since that time I was using Facebook a lot! I learnt a lot from him... He is a good leader as well as a good joker too!! xD.
Former Leo President for District 308 B2 Leo Clubs as well as the Leo of the Year for MD 308 2010-2011! Leo Eliza was a good District President during her serving in Leo Cabinet. I was glad to know her through my President Lester. First in my opinion, I thought that Eliza was strict in handling everything but after know her well, I felt that she was a good leader too! Nice to meet her and I am looking forward to have another cooperation with her and her team!
Besides that, I also know the Former Leo Club Penang City President Leo Vincent Khor a.k.a Dr Khor! Well.. He is a good leader in his club, he could unite everyone and serve everyone well. I like him because he treat people in a good manner and not really force people to do something. He was also the Ex-Chung Ling Leo President in a few years ago! Glad to know him and hope that I could cooperate with him in the future!

Well I was glad to know so many of popular people through out this 2 years. Furthermore, I am looking forward for the cooperation that can make in the future. Just like Lion Alan said... Together We Make A Difference! =) ROAR...


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