Saturday, September 17, 2011

Superman Talk at Prangin Mall

Yesterday all Malaysian had celebrated the 916 Malaysia Day! From the TV I could see that all the different races in Malaysia country were performing their cultures. That was held at Dataran Merdeka. On the newspaper I could see that Penang Government had the celebration at Seberang Prai too! But at the LIVE, I saw one "Superman" was launching his new book!
Image credited from DAP Sarawak
UBAH mascot.
Who is the Superman? Actually why I called him as Superman is because that he was really a cool guy launched a lot of marketing strategy for Democratic Action Party previously. Such that like "UBAH" marketing strategy launched while Sarawak State Election on 16th April previously. This strategy was make DAP Sarawak won 12 out of 15 seats at Sarawak! It was a good achievement for the opposition in Sarawak!!
He was describe on the strategy on managing a team and also how he could help DAP to marketing the whole election strategy. He was admired a lot at the late fighting star Lee. He mentioned that Lee was an icon in the world, American get fight by him but at last they still love him. This means that Lee was an icon to everyone in the world.
Besides that, Dr. Hew (Superman) was showing the skill on tackle the thief or bad guys when you are in car park or anywhere. While a bad guy come in front of you and try to rape you. Use your car keys, hold tight and fight with the bad guy. So that the bad guy will get injured and you can get the chance to escape. *This is good for girls or woman. So beware on it! I was there in Prangin Mall yesterday and saw this. He was a cool talent guys, DAP got him really so good! Posted by GenYong 17.09.2011


benooi said...

what the hell superman? hahaah

GenYong said...

He is the DAP superman! hahahaa... Not bad la him.

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