Monday, September 26, 2011

4th Anniversary Series : Georgetown Festival 2011

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On the month of July 7th, I had attended to the Georgetown Festival. There were many booths setting up Rope Walk which perpendicular to Campbell Street. Since my mum was working there, so I brought my sister traveled by Rapid bus and went to meet up my mum. After that we went to the venue nearby which celebrated Georgetown Festival 2011.
The new heritage hotel is coming soon!
Since Georgetown was awarded as one of the World Heritage City on year 2008, Penang Government had take the opportunity to celebrate the festival for 2nd year (started from 2010). From this event, we could experience back the oldies time of Georgetown which full of peoples and crowds. But now everything had changed, Georgetown was no longer lively as last time, just commercial centre will be crowded only.
The organizer had called out the popular lion dance team from Gertak Sanggul to perform in the event for the welcoming session. They were prepared to welcome everyone and of course included the VIPs. I was admired at those small kids so young already came out and join such team! It's a good practice for them and this was really help to develop a good teamwork.
Walked along the street, there was someone playing the classical music together with some others were selling the coffee besides the road. Now how to find this kind of lifestyle in the city? Today most of us are going to restaurant such as Old Town, Mc Donald or Dim Sum Centre to have our breakfast. It's really different from last time!
Nowadays how to find people sitting on the road with a low chair and table enjoying their meals? How to find that people were selling satay on the road? How to find so many people walking on the street? Today, the cars were absolutely greater than the people in the city. Everyone is rushing for the time nowadays, no time to walk around like last time and even not free to sit down and enjoying their breakfast on the road! So it's such a different experience.
Honestly I can say that I never try before to sit down on the middle of the road enjoying my meal. That day, I had ordered a cup of coffee and sat down on the low chair. Seriously, it's really low! I feel that the old lifestyle was not rushing and the time was flying slowly and not same like now time flying so fast!
Besides that, I could see that the grocery shop was set up besides the road and not inside the market. Last time, the people used to buy vegetables beside the road and many thing more even meats and fishes also. I admit that now this kind of style still available at certain places but already decreasing. Nowadays people used to go for Supermarket and buy back everything in one station! I also found that my surname origin place and the beautiful tagline! Those stuffs are so nice. I like it very much!
In the event there were some performances rewind back people's mind about the oldies time. There were chinese orchestra performances, children dressed in Cheong Sam and oldies clothes, acting nyonya selling kuihs at the street. My friend also joined into it! It was great because they love Heritage so much. I was the heritage lover before when I was joining the Heritage Program by Anak-anak Kota.
I had myself a photo with the oldies actor. Actually the person who acted as the oldies actor was same surname with me. He was really a good guy who talented in those kind of traditional stuffs. He liked it so much and always tell the stories for us and of course get the history of something from my dad as well. Good! =)
I took quite lot of photos on that day. Taken the photo with the classic trishaw! Although the trishaw had remade and modified, the style was still there! Furthermore, I had taken the photo with my mum and my sister with the oldies car. From my mum, last time who owned this kind of car mostly was the rich family or the government people, but now this car seems to be keep it as heritage already!
There were of course Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng was invited to witness this festival to be happened! Many people were crowded inside and try to take the snapshot of the chief minister. Well, I was just standing beside and simply take a shot will do. After that before leaved, I take the last photo of standing outside an old "house" (it was stage). So the heritage writing ends here! Posted by GenYong 26.09.2011
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