Monday, September 19, 2011

Penang Road Cendul Crowds

On the 916 Malaysia Day, I was outing with my parents together with my sister. We were shopping at Prangin Mall and seeking for a new travelling bag. While we were at town, we went to Penang Road and taste for the famous teochew cendul.
As the combo holidays started from last Friday (16th September until 18th September) so most of the outstation people was travelling in Penang and taste for the Penang Road Famous Cendul. The queue was so long and they dare to queue up until the side of the main road. It was so cool!
Some of them was feeling lucky after get their bowl of cendul. I think it was the hot weather factor cause everyone needs some cold drinks! Even the African, America tourists also came to try this... So you can know how tasty is it!
But finally I didn't get the chance to taste it. But I taste the one which is opposite this stall. First time taste this stall, sounds not bad la. But compare both I prefer The Penang Road TeoChew Cendul! Best recommended before in my previous food blog! Hot weather recently, so take care of your body health and drink more water! =) Posted by GenYong 19.09.2011

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