Saturday, September 24, 2011

Undilah! Go Vote..

Another project by the local producer Pete Teo after the 15Malaysia. This time the concept of creating this videography is to encourage the youths who had over 21 years old to go for voting in next General Election. It is a reminder to every youth who had reached the age of 21 years old, go register yourself as the voter and be the country boss.
No matter which political party you support, just do your job as a voter and vote for your desirable government. It was an important issue for the country Malaysia because your decision will make the government change, change to be better, bring the country move further!
So if you had reached 21 years old, bring your identical card go for SPR booth in anywhere or any political party service centre to register. Perhaps you can do it online too! Log on to for more details! Your Decision, Make The Country Better!


1 comment:

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