Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2nd Chung Ling International Student Camp Part 3

Yo guys, how was your SPM trial exam today? I am feeling worried about my previous papers, but now already too late... Just don't want to get regret study for upcoming subjects! Take some time to blog it first before study. Continue with the Part 3 of the International Student Camp. More photos to show in this post, hope you can follow me discovering the features of Chung Ling High School.
As you can see here, ya there are scout's stuffs! I was at Scout Den! Honestly, I being at Scout Den for not more than 20 times since I was Form 1 until now. Since I was not a scout, so I couldn't have the permission to go in! Even can also followed my brother You Loong to be there only. This time I was so lucky and could see their stuffs exhibited to everyone! It was just like another Open Day! Cool....
Wow it was so crowded inside. A quiet scout den turns to be so lively on that day. All the scouts were busy coordinating the programme and to show the best performances to all the students! Well done, Scouts!
What were they doing there? Playing around? Yes... This was another ice breaking games prepared by scouts to greet all the international students and also attract the friendships among them. Since that day was just the 2nd day, so they played the ice breaking games seems like a bit shy. But overall I could see that they were so enjoy in playing and getting know more friends! Dance around together, playing jokes together, laugh together and many more!
This was another team of the delegates. This year there were a lot of participants and of course more than last year. It needs a lot of coordinators to guide them walk around the school compound. My friend also met his Vietnamese friend who came again this year! It's a good chance to meet up with them again!
Khai Lun was participated on last year 1st CLISC, but this year he didn't participate on it. Maybe is cost high or maybe SPM coming? This one I don't know, have to ask him. Anyway, Lester also my Leo Club former president was being the facilitator this year. He was in charged on Group 9 delegates. Well he was good in leading and his handsome look really attracted a lot of girls. xD!
Yea he is Lester! So where were they going again? Besides than scout den and St John site, where did they go?? Stay tuned for the next post. I try to update everyday, so do check back on tomorrow or a day later! Wish every Form 5 candidates, Good Luck in exam! =) Posted by GenYong 20.09.2011


benooi said...

Great photos right here! Share out more, you know what, o wish to join up but the fees is kinda exp, right?

GenYong said...

Yup Ben you are right! The Fees is highly cost... Wow! hahaa... Thank you for reading ya.

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