Sunday, January 3, 2010

Featured Blogger Series (Cheah Cheah)

Cheah Cheah
Now let's start with the 2nd featured blogger. She's Cheah Cheah who from Bukit Mertajam. Alright she was quite active in blogging recently and went over to Auto City always. Oops... I really don't know what else I can introduce about her! Gosh ~!

Besides that, she also an active plurker in plurk! If you're plurker too you should know her.. I love her phone very much which is N82. I really think that she's potential to be a better blogger in future. Her English was good and her captured photos were not bad! She really active on everything that I can say. I enjoy reading her blog because it always let me know more about the latest in mainland. Really looking forward for this potential blogger to burn up into the pro..

Here to comment on Cheah Cheah, you can do better and gain more traffics on you blog. Lastly, I hope everyone can go and take a look for her blog and comment it! Thanks a lot for Cheah cheah who supported me on the Christmas Give Away Contest. Posted by GenYong 02.01.2009


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