Friday, January 29, 2010

Memorial Ceremony 追悼会 29.01.2009(Quick update)

The Dragon Boat tragedy had happened around 2 weeks time. Those 5 students and 1 teacher had went into another world and funeral all done! The sad feelings were slightly go off from other students. But today the memorial ceremony makes everyone cried again! Many VIPs came this morning included YAB Lim Guan Eng together with those EXCOs members, ChungLing alumni and board of directors, Former YBs and the ex-chungling students.
Anyway, I think this was the largest memorial mourning ceremony by the ChungLing committees. The family members, students, VIPs were gathered together in school hall show their respect to all 6 students and teacher! Most of the society Board Of Directors were there show their respect too. I think the numbers of people was reach up to 1000!
Many students included me were there observing the ceremony, I felt down while I was helping my friend to take video. I could see many students were broke down while the memorial video was playing. Although I didn't join my friend Weng Aik to do the video, but I could see his effort on making this for the most memorable 'souvenir'. The video was great and it was so touching that could make everyone turn down or even cried...
So the 1 hour ceremony ends on around 11.00pm and my friend Weng Aik was interviewed by the NTV7 reporters and also at the end they interviewed me too... I felt so down on that time and my language might not so accurate! So if you want to watch me, just turn on your TV to channel 107 for Astro(NTV7). Catch up the Mandarin news on 9.30pm*updated! Or perhaps Bernama TV (channel 502) English News on 9.30pm...
That's all... missed Mr Chin, Jason, Yi Zhang, Brendon, Zi Jun and Yong Xiang, all of you will always with us and we will keep all of you in our deep heart!

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