Friday, January 1, 2010

Featured Blogger Series (Yan Yao)

Yan Yao
I start my 1st featured bloggers introduction here. First to introduce is the blogger Yan Yao. Actually I found him since the month October. In the short months I found that he really improved a lot in blogging. I am looking forward for his achievement!

Actually why I said that? He owned a EOS-500D which is most photographers' wishlist. He was quite active in event photographs shooting! I think he can be the one of event photographers! He had a lot of potential to develop on! He sounds friendly and also one of my school's bloggers... Come to 2010, he became 17 years old! I think there will be more mature on him and I am really looking forward for his upcoming blog posts!

Furthermore, I would like to thank him for supporting me on the Christmas Give Away contest. He is the first, I really proud of him! Last but not least, I hope all my blog readers can read his blog and follow his updates always. This was recommended by me, GenYong!

P/s: For those supporters that supported me, please submit your photos to me via email. I will arrange it according to the number of supporters who submit his/her photos first! Remember at least 2 photos... Happy New Year to everyone! Posted by GenYong 01.01.2010


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