Thursday, December 17, 2009

smashpOp Christmas Give Away Nike Hayward

Nike Hayward banner
HoHoHo! Santa pOp is coming to town! give away christmas present to 1 lucky blogger. What's that present? Is the Nike Hayward Backpack and it's still red in colour! Match the christmas atmosphere! Anyway, I had decided to participate in this contest and took the whole day time work on it! I tried my best to complete the drawing and camwhore myself holding the paper. Let's take a look:
Nike Hayward contest
The 1st shot.
Nike Hayward contest 1
The 2nd shot.
Nike Hayward contest 2
The 3rd shot.
Nike Hayward contest 3
The 4th shot.
Nike Hayward contest 4
The 5th shot.
Nike Hayward contest 5
The 6th shot.
Nike Hayward contest 6
The 7th shot.
Actually I had taken quite many shots by Self Timer. Then I selected a fews to everyone! I found everything out such as santa hat and wear a red shirt. I really happy to see that I could produce out such an amazing drawing. I don't know whether this suit everyone's eyes or not but I feel proud on it! It's a good try.

I didn't buy many branded items such as Nike nor Adidas and more... I just go for the cheap stuffs and plan to save money by the way. I hope to win this backpack from because Jason Goh is so kind to be a santa pOp giving away Nike Hayward. So here to mention Nike just do it! So I just do it...

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Those supporters that support me first to thank you and maybe I will promote you after this! Sure I promised! Hopes I can get supports from everyone! Thanks... Posted by GenYong 17.12.2009

Nike Hayward banner


benooi said...

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GenYong said...

Thanks for the supporting blog post... I like it very much! Thanks bro! I will promote you.

yihan said...
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yihan said...

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GenYong said...

Thanks everyone for supporting me! Thanks ... Thanks a lot!

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