Sunday, January 10, 2010

Friday School Dismissed

Last Friday when the time reached 1.30pm, everyone had run out from the class and rush towards to the school buses. Anyway, I like Friday very much because it won't like other days that spent our time until 2.05pm. It's really a big different, I will arrive home earlier, more time on homework, more time to rest and many more!
School Dismissed
When the bell rang, everyone seems to rush out from the classroom. My class is 4SB3 which can view on the field. It's a good location for the morning and can enjoy myself on top of the building. But sometimes it's also quite dangerous when some discipline teachers walk around.
School Dismissed
School Dismissed
When school dismissed, I felt very happy because my half day time in school is over. Then the rest is my time at home! But seems not too free for me, one week almost everyday have tuition. Just left 2 days that's Monday and Friday free only!
School Dismissed
Actually on the 1st day of school reopen, I had brought my camera to school. I don't know why I did that, maybe I want to snap some special features. By the way, I respect school rules not to take out when teacher is teaching or snap something bad.

So how was your friday? Do you think friday is fun enough? Enjoy your schooling. Posted by GenYong 10.01.2010

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