Friday, January 15, 2010

Locked Basketball Court

When the school reopen, Chung Ling High School seems to have a new rule. That's not allowed students to go inside the indoor basketball court. I don't know why they do like this? Actually the construction process had started on last year. But now all had completed and we missed the indoor basketball court.
I think this will be the side entrance of the basketball court after the fence built. If it's school day there was no longer students playing basketball at this area. It seems to be more quiet compare to last time... Now students can't use this basketball court anymore and have to suffer from sunlight at the back basketball court.
My friends mentioned to me last year this basketball court might become the 'jail basketball court'. Everywhere of the court is built with the fences. I wonder that if one day there was fire burning how the players escape! XD.
2010 should be a good and lively year. But I don't know why they did this kind of things? Maybe they got their point, making this can get some tax from outsiders and prevent them doing vandalism. From my opinion, those fences no need to build since all the materials was not cheap and it might just wasting money. Besides, students have less area to play basketball! The school said sports is important but they did this kind of things, what to comment?

I am still observing school still got any new construction, see whether it's good for everyone... Posted by GenYong 15.01.2010


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