Saturday, January 2, 2010

Aunt's 2009 Birthday @ Queensbay Mall Kim Gary

Good morning everyone, I think this blog post is a bit belated. The timeline is on last year November while my aunt celebrated her 2009 Birthday. Alright, my uncle brought us to Kim Gary restaurant together with my cousins and grandma. I had captured some photos of them and plan to introduce them for you all.
Kim Gary
This was the outlook of Kim Gary restaurant at Queensbay Mall. Usually in public holidays and weekends there will have a queue there outside the counter. What I can say on the restaurant is really a famous restaurant where served nice food from Hong Kong.
My uncle
He is my uncle who was the boss on that day.
My aunt
She was the birthday girl on that day and busy answering calls.
My grandma
Alright, this is my grandma(mum's side). When I was small I always scared of her because she will higher up her voice to scold us! XD.
My cousins
This was my KL cousins who really friend to me. The left is my same aged cousin Jun Ming who get 8As in PMR examination! The right is Hao Ming who good in computer system and web!
Keegan Boy
The little and the most cute cousin Keegan Boy was excited to celebrate the christmas! He hold the hand of the santa claus and smile to the camera.

Actually this blog post I should post it before christmas, but due to the time and I forgot about the photos I had edited so I posted up on 2010. Hopefully you won't feel it's too late! Alright, next post is the featured blogger series 2nd. Check it out! Who coming... Posted by GenYong 02.01.2009


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