Friday, January 22, 2010


Since the dragon boat case happened, my school ChungLing was always become the headline news. I don't feel happy although it was headline for my school. I felt more sad and really pity to those of them who had sacrificed their life in the case... Anyway, I still have to wish them be happy always in another world! Rest In Peace!
The school flag was moved down to half for respecting to them.
On the 2nd day that's last Monday, everyone was in sad moment. School was arranged a silence ceremony for those guys who sacrificed their life in the accident. Early in the morning when I reached school on that day, I saw some of the prefects were leave up the school flag to the half. This sign let me think about the accident and that morning I really felt down and can't believe why it happened.
The school flag was hanging halfway and I saw this for once since I studied to ChungLing.
I did take camera to school on that day but I just took some outdoor photos of the school flag. I didn't take any photos in hall because due to the sadness and respect. So I think most of you saw the news on paper which captured on our school hall... Saw people standing, crying, silence moment and speeching!

Alright I think this was all gone, we should let them go peacefully! Hope that they can live happily in another world! * Funerals part I will update soon! I am helping my friend to do the video production. Posted by GenYong 22.01.2010

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