Friday, January 22, 2010

DAP Dinner 全民宴

Last Monday night, I went to Han Chiang High School together with my dad to attend the state government's dinner. It's organized by the DAP(Democratic Action Party) politics party! The day before the dinner was DAP Annual General Meeting 2010 in Ipoh, Perak. I think this was the 1st politics dinner that I went before. Seriously, I love to read politics but I don't like some politicians acting their style.
The people's dinner
Since 308 general election, Pakatan Rakyat had taken over the state government from former Gerakan. The Chief Minister was still remain as chinese, he is YAB Lim Guan Eng who from DAP. From 308 until today, I could see his achievement and together with the government weakness... Mostly I could see was their achievements, I can feel that this state government was really keep touch with people and put their effort in helping people!
DAP leaders walked in. YBs..
When the Chief Minister together with other DAP leaders cum YB EXCOs walked in, most of the people were welcoming them with glad of grateful! I could see mostly the chinese and the second were the Indians! It's a good sign that means we have the 1 Malaysia concept.

Alright then later those leaders continue with their speech and one YB's speech was awesome! He said the 1Malaysia concept is just 'Tipu Malaysia" which cheated all the malaysian! I was agree with this because many accidents and incidents had happened and showed that there was no longer fair enough for opposition. Everything is under control by someone! I don't want to mention who is him or who are they... I think you should know that! Really 1 Malaysia is just like Tipu Malaysia! XD...
Everyone was silence at the 1 minute moment!

Later when the last schedule was Chief Minister speeching time. I couldn't listen finish his talk because that night I plan to go for my schoolmates' funeral. By the way, before he started his speech he called us to stand up and silence for 1 minute! I saw everyone was so respect to those who sacrificed in the accident... It was so touching when up to thousand people remain in silence moment!

Conclusion that night most of the leaders were talking about the education and some hot politics issues such as "Allah" words using! I don't want to talk too much and I hope that to next general election DAP together with Pakatan Rakyat can win more seats and be the federal government! We're looking forward for Pakatan Rakyat! Posted by GenYong 22.01.2010

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