Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Condolence

At first I have to say condolence to Mr Chin's family and Jason Ch'ng's family. I feel so sad after received this news in the morning. Seriously I don't know that there was a dragon boat training out there at Lebuh Macallum. I feel so sad when I knew that there were 2 people dead and 4 still missing. Some of them were my friends and I feel so sad on them. Hopefully to those who are still missing be strong and come back! =(
I was shocked when received the news that Jason Ch'ng was dead. Yesterday was my school co-curiculum mini exhibition, I still chat with him after the function and he said bye to me after he left but today he was no longer here. I really admired at him, he was a good leader and the good president I have before. I don't know why the yesterday conversation become the last chat between us!

Sometimes I don't know how to say, why it can be like this? Yesterday I also saw the teacher Mr Chin, who looks similar like KOKAHKOK. But tomorrow he is no longer in Chung Ling teaching. Although he didn't teach me before but I can feel that he was a good teacher!
I found that the 4 students that haven't been found were my friends. They were really good! One of them Yong Xiang was my ex-classmate in Form 1. Yesterday I still take photo to Yi Zhang while he was having the scout exhibition... But now he was still missing. Brandon Yeoh I know him since he was YE and also PRS in school! Now what I can do is pray hard for them to come back safely and hope for miracles come true!

I am speechless now and hopefully tomorrow all will back in safe! Have a condolence assembly tomorrow... Let us pray hard for them! Posted by GenYong 17.01.2010


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