Thursday, January 21, 2010


A very sad case happened in Penang on last Sunday. My school Chung Ling High School Dragon Boat Team 18 members just left 12 members. 1 teacher and 5 students were died on that accident. While the time I received the news, I felt shock and worried about the case. Although I didn't go to the venue I catch up the news on TV and online.
The scout's memories (Sports Day 2009)

I went to 4 friends' funeral, felt down and cried sometimes... I can't believe why god make this? I lost 4 friends in one day! How come? I really missed Yong Xiang, Jason, Brendon and Yi Zhang, I thought that I can still live with them happily in this week but the god not allowed! No excuse, I have to follow... Just hope that they can Rest In Peace and be our angels always with us!
Jason Ch'ng, my ever best president of Leo Club! (Co-curiculum Recruitment Day 2010)
Brendon Yeoh, the best Robotic President of 2009/10. (Co-curiculum Recruitment Day 2010)
Yi Zhang, the best scout in 2010! You always smile to us! (Co-curiculum Recruitment Day 2010) I felt regret that I didn't take the 2nd shot for him while he was posing in peace sign.
Yong Xiang, my best friends. The best 1T14 classmates! We share our memories together... (Co-curiculum Recruitment Day 2010)

I think 4 of them won't like to see us cried on them... So I won't cry, I will be strong and do something to let them see! Submit our achievements to them... It just like yesterday the Sifu said, "We have to be strong and achieve something for them..." "They wont like to see us sad on them". I fully agree with this statement, so hopefully to those dragon boat members get this meaning. They will always be our angels, always take care of us, beside of us, look for the fun from us and they will really happy in heaven!

Condolence from GenYong UNITY... R.I.P Brothers! We will always with all of you!
Posted by GenYong 21.01.2010


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