Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Schooling 2010

Hey guys and girls who still study at high school or primary school or even college/university, wish everyone of you happy schooling and enjoy your school life in the brand new year. This year I go to 4SB3, is considered downgrade... XD! Anyway, I didn't sad about it and I just tell myself try the best as you can! Alright, I think it has many times to develop myself again in the class! =)

Making new friends, knowing each others, sharing features... But the most important is this year I already Form 4. Not a honeymoon year for me because I don't want to be too stress in Form 5 later. Just keep myself update always and follow as where as I can. Try to concentrate in class and listen to teacher's advice!

Happy Schooling
Today is the 1st day school reopen. I switched to another block and missed the form 3 block very much! Recess time changed earlier is good but a bit tired after recess. I think most of my teachers are good and hopefully I can understand them well within 2 months. I bought 10 science note books from book shop and it's really a long queue.
Happy Schooling
School reopen, homework coming. My desk is a bit messy just now and I really quite busy on the forms and also my first homework add maths today. I still not yet feel add maths is a hard work but I think soon I will. Filled up all the forms and signed by parents. Later on to pack up my bag! Just completed some designs for my society and really rush on time! Anyway, I will try my best for everything... Alright, tomorrow got class so today I think the featured blogger series will be postponed. Good night everyone and remember be happy in school! =) Posted by GenYong 04.01.2010