Friday, January 1, 2010

The 1st post of 2010!

Hello everyone Happy new year! How was your last night? Was it amazing? Or you countdown alone? However I think everyone had a very memorable minutes in countdown to reach 2010. A new decade step in since year 2000. A brand new year, brand new style, brand new look, brand new everything! XD.

I went to the Queensbay last night for the countdown concert. I love my dad very much who ride motorbike fetch me there. The whole Penang island was so traffic jam last night! 5 places to countdown, I could see that Pesta attracted a lot of Malays whereas Queensbay attracted a lot of teenagers!
Countdown 2010 @ Queensbay
My dad and I were taking a photo there! We get the stuffs(don't know how to mentioned) from P1 WiMAX. We holding the stuffs and took a photo. I would like to thanks the lady who helped us took this photo!
Countdown 2010 @ Queensbay
Before reach 12.00am, the MC were asking every celebrities what're their new year resolution. Power Station said that they will have a concert in Malaysia on the month of March, looking forward! Whereas Tank hopes to be the main character in those drama. Many more local celebrities hope to have their own concert too and some of them can 'fly' more high!
Countdown 2010 @ Queensbay
After 20 seconds of countdown! It reached 2010! Everyone shouted there and the fireworks came up to the sky. The atmosphere there was so high and many of them so glad to watch the fireworks. The fireworks was good and it stands until 8 minutes! The MC kept saying Happy New Year to everyone and wish everyone all the best in new year! XD.
Countdown 2010 @ Queensbay
After the fireworks, there were still an encore! Power Station and Tank were sang together and again burn up the high atmosphere! They sang about few songs and later every celebrities came out and wish everyone! That time was the best time to take photos, but I didn't because my memory stick was full! Anyway, the event overall end at 12.40am! It's a fun night.... crowded.

Not to forget wish everyone all the best here in the new year! Gong Hei Fatt Choi... XD! Posted by GenYong 01.01.2010

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