Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last Day at School 2009

Holidays started long time ago, but seems I was busy and some accidents occurred then I have to delay this post. Actually my friend Bear YouLoong had request me for update this post for long time but I just temporary ignore him because I was really no time to cope with!

The Bloggers
On the last day school-ing, we tried a lot of new things and met up with bloggers together with plurkers in school. By the way, I met up with those newly born bloggers and being popular now. From the left that's me, BenOoi and YingKai.

The Photographers
We are not only the bloggers. We are also photographers! As you can see our blog was mostly full of photos and write a lot of things. I really admire at BenOoi who could write well in Chinese and English! I love to read his blog because it's more about real life! Besides that, YingKai owned himself a DSLR and he will show up the different style of shooting images. I am now looking forward for the China Trip photos.
Furthermore, I also did a camera shooting with YouLoong who knows me since Form 1. He was a newbie to blog actually, now he changed his link and plan to start from the new! We went to the school astronomy tower to take this photos.
The Peak Shot
Later on, took a snap with my classmates SinSern and he's also one of the plurkers. He is very tall and compare with me, I feel I was totally short. Anyway, we stand on the peak of the school and taken this shot... It's hard to go up to the peak actually, so we take it as souvenir.

If you're free, please take a look of HouLiao avenue which created by 6 authors. Enjoy there! Posted by GenYong 02.12.2009


benooi said...

walao, that time my hair still havent cut, looks weird LOL

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