Saturday, December 12, 2009

Starwalk 2009 Goodies

Wow suffered from the half day outing in school and watched Penang International Dragon Boat Competition 2009 at Jelutong Expressway. I was there to take some photos since I didn't go before! Anyway, it's really hot and now I get a bit of sunburn on my face.... but I think it's worth because I made myself the first time watching this event! Good...

P/s the photos I will post up soon...

Besides that now I just have around 15 minutes to settle up my things before go to sleep. Tomorrow early morning need to wake up for annual Penang Starwalk. I had joined it for three years since I was form 1 I joined it! Actually it's a healthy annual event that let Penangite walk for 10 km in 2 hours.

Starwalk Goodies
Starwalk Goodies 1
Actually compare with PBIM(Penang Bridge International Marathon) the goodies are much more than that. I can't say anything because Star Paper is a big company whereas the PBIM organizer was just a state government. This year I wondered why will have so much of goodies after reading YanYao's blog. I just realize when I received a goodies bag from my dad!
Starwalk Goodies 2
Starwalk Goodies 3
It's actually contains a lot of light food. Got sweets, biscuits, crunchy items and more. Furthermore the organizer also found the good sponsors this year for providing the nice recyclable bag and I get a lot of facial items which can keep me clean. This year the new business hotel Eastin hotel was sponsored two sports events! It's really worth it that I paid for only RM8 get back a lot of stuffs.

Starwalk rocks! I am looking forward for tomorrow lucky draws and the new arrangement of reporting venue. I am looking forward to the crowds too! Meet friends there and bloggers as well... Bye and good night! Posted by GenYong 12.12.2009

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