Monday, December 28, 2009

Penang International Dragon Boat Festival 2009 (Part 1)

After the Penang Bridge International Marathon, the Penang State Government seems to nominate Dragon Boat as an annual sports event! Last year the organizer was held this event at the Teluk Bahang dam. Maybe the water there is more clean and the venue is suitable for the dragon boat players. Anyway, due to the people request they moved to Jelutong Expressway Seaside for the event.
Penang International Dragon Boat Festival 2009
This was the venue for this event. I really feel glad to see that there was another location for me to see the sea view. I like it very much! But maybe the sunlight was bright and you will really feel hot and sweat when you stand at there.
Penang International Dragon Boat Festival 2009
As you stand on the land, you can see the Penang Bridge at your right hand side whereas Weld Quay at your left hand side. It's a center point for two venues! The scenery was nice but just the sea water not so good. The water quality a bit terrible!
Penang International Dragon Boat Festival 2009
Penang International Dragon Boat Festival 2009
This place was completed by the IJM Developers. This developer owned the whole land along Jelutong Expressway from previous State Government. They built the Jelutong Expressway by exchanging the land to this developer. IJM was built a lot of housing units along the expressway for example Bayswater, Platino, E-Gate, The Spring, Summer Place, Ocean View, Nautilus Bay and more.
Penang International Dragon Boat Festival 2009
Penang International Dragon Boat Festival 2009
Penang International Dragon Boat Festival 2009
Penang International Dragon Boat Festival 2009
Penang International Dragon Boat Festival 2009
Actually it's something like a competition between the International teams. One dragon boat can sit about 20 peoples! Every player has to play the role probably in order to move the boat. You can really feel it what call team work. The players were strong enough and really can work under the bright sunlight! In front of the boat, there will have one person play the drum to guide the players! It's really a team work...
Penang International Dragon Boat Festival 2009
That day there were two pro photographers sat beside me busy shooting to the dragon boat. They kept changing their camera lens and changed from small to large. One man still owned himself two DSLR one is Canon EOS-7D. Woots... two men were so pro in photography! My dad asked them some questions about DSLR and they chat a lot in there. I can't focus much because my camera just have 3X zoom! No choice, just try the best to take the nearer shots.

At last, I remembered that the guy who owned EOS-7D advice me to study well and next time have the chance to own a pro camera! I took his advice and always tell myself, "study is the way to guide you out to future life"! I will continue with part 2 for this blog post.. So please check back to my blog!


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