Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Great Grandma's Funeral

In total 5 days funeral, today come to the last day for my great grandma's funeral. We had sent her out to Cemetery which located at Batu Gantung. I suffered from last night until this morning when back I updated a blog post. We actually do the ceremony last night and many relatives came. Unfortunately my mum not allowed me to take some photos so I can't show you here. Last night I was overnight there with chit chatting, playing cards games, eating and many more. Our purpose is to accompany great grandma for the last night.
Great Grandma's Funeral
Great Grandma's Funeral 1
My great grandma's body was on top the funeral car which accompany by my auntie. Although not many peoples were there send her out... But I think great grandma was satisfied with our action and she could 'see' everyone from the family was there. Great Grandma....
Great Grandma's Funeral 2
Great Grandma's Funeral 3
Actually those photos was taken on top my dad's car. My dad's car were known as the Great grandson's car which drive us to the funeral area. They walked out from the Farlim Funeral Place and walked along the road until the Farlim market there and stop... We later send great grandma to Batu Gantung funeral place.

*Those photos actually was prohibited by my mum, but I hope to share with everyone and it's the only last to my great grandma...

I think I will stop here and really I will put great grandma in my heart... Remember her always. While I think of this I will really sad and cry out.

"Ah Pak, walk slowly and smoothly to another destination, we will always put you in our heart... You still live in another world! Be happy..." "啊Pak, 一路好走放心的去吧!我们会永远怀念你,希望你在另外一个世界开心度过。来世我们再相遇,再做一家人!" *cry... Posted by GenYong 02.12.2009

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