Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Featured Bloggers Series 10+2 (Coming Soon)

Hello everyone now comes to year-end. Christmas over, New Year coming. So are you ready for the new year 2010? Still have 2 more days to go.... I think 2010 is a good year and hopefully it can bring me lucks always! Anyway, start from the 1st day of year 2010 I am going to introduce those bloggers who supported me in the smashpOp.net christmas contest. Although I didn't win for it I have to complete my promise to all the supporters!
Featured Bloggers
This is the design that I did it by Adobe Photoshop this afternoon. You may comment it and I think this is a nice banner that I did before. Anyway I still need your suggestions! By the way, before this introduction starts I would like to inform all the 12 bloggers submit their photos to me by email. I hope to receive it as soon as possible! Thanks for the helping... You will be featured on GenYong UNITY on year 2010! Posted by GenYong 29.12.2009


yihan said...

what photos do u want actually?

benooi said...

yes, what photos do you want actually? Wish you can give us a reply as soon as possible :)

GenYong said...

@yihan choose at least 2 of your nice nice photos! I hope to see the high resolution photos appear on the introduction! Thanks.

@benooi the same thing la... Nice nice photos at least 2! Thanks.

yihan said...

photos of us? human beings?

Jason bell said...

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