Monday, December 7, 2009

Penang Bridge International Marathon (Part 1)

On 22nd of November 2009, the annual grand event of Penang happened in Queensbay Mall. The Penang Bridge International Marathon was organized by Penang State Government. I had participated before in this event last year. As well this year I was participating in the Quarter Marathon Boys Under 16. This year I am 15 years old and also my last year to participate in this category.
The participants of Quarter Marathon gathered outside the Coffee Bean before the run starts. Some of them seems to be excited and chit chat non stop with their friends. While I was looking for the runners who had completed their run.
Most of the Half Marathon runners were back to the finish line. Many of St John members were standby for the duty. Some of the runners share their happiness with others and I could see them suffered from tiredness.
The gold sponsor DiGi served the runners for the free drinks and together from the sponsor Salonpas served the medicine for runners who suffered from muscle cramps. I could see some runners after received the drinks either they drank little bit then pour on the head or throw on the road, won't it be waste?
When everyone was ready the organizer hands up the gun and shoot to sky. That means the run had started. We were observe by the YBs together with Chief Minister and TYT. It's great when I was running I shout out loudly and rise my hands up! I didn't aim for the 1st but I just aim to finish this run.
I didn't take many photos because I need to concentrate on running. I was taking competition not fun run! Anyway, I just stop on the bridge and snapped a photo. Most runners was suffering tiredness while on the bridge whereas some of them were taking photos with each other. I could just half walk half run to complete the whole distance. I didn't train actually and I scared my muscle will cramp. Luckily I had completed the run nicely and didn't hurt myself.

Just a waste is I didn't get the finisher medals. Those runners in front of me for about 1 minute get the medals but I was so bad luck didn't get anything. No medals, no certificate and no lucky number. RM20 is just flying off for this marathon! But I think it worthed for me to experience on running 10km which I never try before. Posted by GenYong 07.12.2009


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