Thursday, December 24, 2009

I get 7A's 1B for PMR

Today morning about 10.45am I arrived at school. Saw most of the students get their result with flying colours. Before that I received a phone call from my friend JiunMing who told me a good news that he get 7A's and 1B. I congratulated him first and started to nervous for my result! Anyway, I keep myself steady to buy some batteries for photo shooting.

But it's too late for me... I didn't manage to take a photo with my friends. No group photos, no personal photos but just a result slip shot. I don't mind it! Tomorrow I will go and read newspaper that see my friends' name appear on it! Tonight maybe I will turn on TV to watch NTV7 and Astro Bernama TV for the interview of my friend, Lester!
PMR 2009 Result
PMR 2009 Result
PMR 2009 Result
There are my result... It's official! Anyway, I feel so glad to get 7A's 1B. I don't what's my problem in Chinese subject. Maybe is myself problem, I try don't blame anyone. I accept this official result with happy feeling! Maybe my chinese not good! So maybe next year onwards I will write more on chinese. Or perhaps open a chinese blog? Anyway, Read tomorrow newspapers! having fun tonight with your family or friends!

Merry Christmas everyone =) Posted by GenYong 24.12.2009


I am Khai Sim said...

Hey, GenYong? Oh, as it was shown, Yik Fong. Thanks for the wish. Didn't really expect to win haha.

Anyway, I believe I have to congratulate you too on your awesome PMR results! Haha, I got 7As and 1B too years ago for PMR. Chinese is a bitch, got B for it too. Pfft. Haha.

You did well man, congrats! :D

GenYong said...

@Khai Sim, ya I am GenYong/YikFong! Anyway Congratulations to you to get yourself a christmas present from santapOp! Hahaha.. But i don't hate it! XD. Anyway merry christmas to you and thanks for your wishes! =)

benooi said...

wow geng lo

yihan said...

Good results~! Congratulations!

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