Friday, December 4, 2009

Go Green Project @ Queensbay Mall

Recently Leo Club was held many events in Penang. That day after Pillow Fight, there was another event happened in Queensbay Mall. The organizer Leo Club of Penang City hosted a "Go Green Project just start from your home!" The purpose of holding this project is to encourage people reduce the waste and make the waste into useful items.
Go Green Project 1
There were many peoples support on this project. There were about 20 teams participated in the recycling items making competition. Everyone used up their creativity to think out how to make an useful items from the recyclable items.
Go Green Project 2
My school ChungLing sent a team of Leos to represent on this competition. They paid for it and join the competition. When I arrived there, I saw many of them busy working and some chit chatting with friends. But lastly I didn't see their result! They had made the most terrible item compare with others. Maybe they were lacking of time or no form to cope with!
Go Green Project 3
Go Green Project 4
The organizer had invited the celebrities Baki Zainal who rush from KL to Penang for the purpose to host this program. The friendly Baki Zainal walked around to interview the participants. His action really funny and he was using the both language which were English together with Chinese. The MC of the day ahKOK cooperate with him very well and keep making the jokes for the audiences.
Go Green Project 5
Go Green Project 6
Go Green Project 7
As you can see most of the participants used up their creativity to work on their items. Actually I could see some of them really put effort on making those things. Which you can see the photo above who were using the astro plate together with the tyres to design out another item. Seriously I don't know what's use on it. I could see the creativity from the participants! Good job.

This post will have Part 2 too... So please stay tuned for the updates. Thank you very much! Posted by GenYong 04.12.2009


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