Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last Day in School (Basketball Court)

I had updated the last day at school on recent post. I had taken some places to take photos such as basketball court, handball court, astronomy site, class. For the last day as I don't want to let my camera get keep by school and I did it secretly at the back of school. Today I would like to show you some of the shots that taken at Basketball Court.
Basketball Session
As you can see those guys still stick with playing basketball until last day school-ing. Although the weather was so hot but they also don't mind getting sun burn and still continue playing.
BenOoi & Ying Kai
The bright sunlight make everyone feeling hot. You can see BenOoi was removing his shirt and make the pose to show he was so hot. Ying Kai was there acting cool and watching others to play balls.
Shy Ben
After removed his shirt, Ben felt shy to face the camera. He used his shirt to close up half of his face. YingKai was holding his DSLR to take some shot on the basketball session.
The View
Later on, I went to the peak of ChungLing High School which known as Astronomy site to take this shot. It's pretty nice and I could able to see peoples there playing basketball. They called us to be careful because there might can let you to commit suicide! XD. (3 floors only, how to die?)
Zoom In
I tried to zoom in 3.6x with my camera. You can see HowKean was there posing at me while I was holding the camera. They actually very friendly to face my camera and I felt so happy to be their photographer too!

So basketball guys, are you still continue basketball in this holidays? Posted by GenYong 03.12.2009


benooi said...

what the dick,
can remove the 1st photo of me?g

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