Saturday, December 19, 2009 Christmas Give Away (Extra)

Nike Hayward banner
Seems I get quite a number of supporters and I really have thank for them. So I write this post! Anyway, this is a little bit extra for those supporters and also readers. I don't expect I sure win in this contest because that's nothing possible and impossible. I just believe try the best anyway. If got I take, if not I just let it gone.

Here I would like to thank for my loyal blog readers:

*MC Vin (you need to post up a blog post)

and many more else who willing to help me? Support me can? *as someone told me that this world didn't have free lunch, so I will give you rewards after this! Sure... I am here to show you the art work of mine in overall... Just picture!

Extra Hayward
I had spent my yesterday whole day working on this picture and really looks like cute... Anyway, hope it helps me lot! Thanks!

Last but not least, if you still want to continue supporting me. You just need to write a blog post and mention you're supporting me in this contest. Then post a comment under this post as well! You may refer to those bloggers on top which I listed. Hope to see you get my rewards yo~! Thanks.... remember before the deadline 19th December 2009 (10pm Malaysia Time) Thanks! Posted by GenYong 18.12.2009