Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rapid Penang New Receipt

Last Saturday, I went to school and after the activities of KRS. My mum brought me to town for subscribing medals for DuNK IT! Basketball Match this coming 27th of September. After I passed the invoice for the supplier, then I went off. I went to KOMTAR Terminal Bus Station to wait for Rapid Bus U401 to come and I went home. I wondered that the tickets or receipts of Rapid Bus already changed. Last time, the tickets of bus is just a plain white background and just only colour. Now look below:
There was the ticket for me. It seems cool because now got the colour better view! I think Rapid is the best transport in Penang. But I hope that Milan, Transit and KGN Hin can be much improve, we still need you all! Alright, it's time to preparee for school! See you next time. Posted by GenYong 11/09/2008


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