Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pek Kong back to people home. (Moved)

Guys and gals here, sorry for no updates for last few days. I am busy to do my assignments and not enough time to update a post. LOL. I practiced sleep earlier and not sleep while 1am around, because my body can't survived and need to care my face.

Last weekend, that's sunday morning it's mid autumn festival right? My father was praying and celebrate the anniversary for Pek Kong. Pek Kong 'lived' at my house already 1 year, since last 928 until 917 that just passed. From chinese calendar la! LOL.

Let's look what I shot up!
First we prayed the 'Guan Kong' which pray by my father inside. We used mooncakes to pray and some fruits. Next, the pek kong's turn praying 'status'. LOL.

I am lack of time to blog. Why this few days so nervous? LOL. Haiz... Really tired, but can't rest! My birthday is two days to go, who will celebrate with me? And who will greeting me? LOL. I think won't of anyone. lol. I think I blog until here.



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