Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Malaysia Day, Anwar Boleh!

Recently our country politics were terrible serious. It's takes time to changed or won't. Today Anwar Ibrahim was announce that he has the number which more than 31 BN parliament congressmen. That's mean plus with last PR seats now reach until 116 seats, it is more than enough to be the overall(2/3) government of Malaysia.

Anyway, today is Malaysia Day from 1963 until now if not mistaken. After 308, Anwar mentioned many times for 916 he will take whole government. Now he is success for 3/4, just left one step then he done it! Today while he attended press conference, he said that hope our currently Prime Minister Pak Lah can give up the government as fast as he can. If not do so, they will report to caudillo.

What Anwar needs Pak Lah to do is:
  • Release Raja Petra & Teresa Kok which caught under ISA last week
  • Agree for BN congressmen join Pakatan Rakyat
  • He can't use ISA to caught the congressmen who interested join PR or currently 82 PR congressmen
  • That's also included he can't called police or use any act to block the way of congressmen
  • At the end, Anwar Ibrahim hope that can be peace to take over whole government
Although today is 916, Malaysia government still is BN. But tomorrow and later? Will it being same? Nobody know that! Anwar Ibrahim needs to meet Pak Lah within this week onwards. He will lead us to a better future. I believe that he won't be a cheater.
We believe you, Anwar Boleh!

Finally for the end of this post, I would like to have your comments and hope that avoid for quarreling on streets or anything that possible occured. We are looking forward for better future for next generation! Thank you.
Posted by GenYong 16/09/2008


eugene said...

Whether it is Anwar or Ah Kua, he must know in the first place who put him up there,

government can come and go, but my Malaysia must stand strong forever.

Btw, Nice blog bro. love it will be back checking soon

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Boon Kheng said...

The current Parliament has 222 seats so to achieve 2/3 majority a side needs 148 seats. What Anwar needs is just a simple majority of at least 112 seats. Get your maths right...

Abdullah is buying his time only. We shall see whether Anwar really has the number to form his new govt. As time goes by after the promised date, circumstances will be more against PR. Otherwise, his plan of toppling the BN govt will be dismissed as a lie.

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