Sunday, September 7, 2008

906 Flood in Penang

Last night that's 906, the whole Penang Island get flood within 2 hours and more in the evening. My house which in Bayan Lepas get flood too. At 6.45pm something, while I was doing my maths assignments, my sister said there was coming to flood and call me for help. While I was going, I shocked that the river water rised until 'super high' level that reach the half of the wall outside my house. That time, I didn't take camera along while my camera also lack of battery. On that time, people was busy to avoid the water come into house what for I took photos. LOL!

I was very busy to help my family to push out the water, but the water too strong and can't be 'rescue'. My dad quickly go and moved the car and not been conrupted. In front of my house flood and also behind. My house behind is river, so the behind is more serious. Now my mum and dad was busy to keep the house clean. Luckily I quickly take up my PC which put on the floor, if not now I can't online and I lost everything.

Just now, I have snapped some photos while they are keeping the places. So I think I will try to post up at next post. Yesterday night, we went to bed on 2.00am, can be compare with the CNY Eve. Yesterday evening the river water is extremely serious, 2 meter and more. Wow, I get the second experience of flood. First in on 1998, while I was still 4 years old, now I am 14 years old and experience one more. Next time? I think won't la and wish don't happen again. It is tired to have this of problems. Seriously!

Before 916, have already 906! What's your feel if you are penangite?
Posted by GenYong 07/09/2008

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