Monday, September 1, 2008

Merdeka Holidays

Photos by Nicholas Chan
Since yesterday was Merdeka day of Malaysia and the whole Malaysia get holiday. Today is Monday, is the replacement holiday of yesterday. I was already get two times of holidays without going to school on weekdays.

Since last year the 50th Merdeka of Malaysia and now is after general election Merdeka it seems not so same. I feel weird that why 51st of Merdeka not so many people countdown it. Why? Let's the politicians to give us answer la. Avoid to the politics, as a public we celebrate Merdeka because of our country already merdeka for 51 years ready. One Public, One Country! This theme is copy from Beijing 2008 Olympic theme. LOL.

I as a representative here, wish everyone
  • Happy Merdeka Day
  • Happy Holiday
  • Happy 'Proud Day'
  • Happy Birthday to Malaysia and all publics
  • Happy 831 & 901
As a malaysian, we love our country and we celebrate together. One Public, One Celebration!
Posted by GenYong 01/09/2008


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