Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Apple Product

I think if this photos or this post let Nicholas to write out, he sure will post it up @ INicholas. LOL! As me didn't mind to open a new technology blog and post it up here and show all of you. This was the Apple product that I found in my friend's house. I asked can I borrow his Apple phone and take some shot. Then he agree that. Here is the Apple Phone photos:
This phone still can get the function of IPhone and can be touch screen. He said that he bought it just only RM500, I think that this is made in China. So China there cost RM1000 then here is half then only RM500 lol. Is quite creative and it is comfortable.
Simple, Pirated, can use enough la!
Posted by GenYong 02/09/2008


trade stocks said...

i think you add more info about it.

Anonymous said...

Gen Yong, what is its model?
it's a product from Apple yea?
hmm..wondering how much it costs for an original one? :D
rm500 is cheap for it larh~

Nicholas Chan said...

cannot say pirated can use already, it's a lot different from the real iphone, no motion sensor, no gorgeous screen, no multi touch, no ipod feature and interface, no safari and more. =D but if it's cheap, it's good.

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