Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival coming!

Tomorrow is Mid Autumn Festival(Mooncake Festival). So wish everyone here Happy Mid Autumn. Seems many bloggers posted the post about mooncakes and now is my turn to show you the mooncakes of my style! LOL.
The box of mooncakes that made by my aunt. Although is a simple mooncake, but I can feel it is delicious and meaningful!
Inside of the box is shown above! Right this! Nice and D.I.Y mooncakes. Nowadays everything hike up the price and D.I.Y is better choice!
After cut, you can see the inner part of the mooncake. That's why I said it is delicious! LOL.
Alright, wish everyone here Happy Mid Autumn Festival tomorrow and get happy everyday! XD.... Will be post up lots of things soon. Check it out! Posted by GenYong 13/09/2008


QuaChee said...

wow u r lucky to be able to try diy mooncakes :)

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