Thursday, September 11, 2008

Flood surrounding keeping

I owed you this photos for few days, I would like to make an apologize for everyone here! Last Sunday, my family were keeping my house being clean hardly and we spent a lot of time and effort on it! We clean the floor surrounded our house, behind the house and the road was spoiled by the flood. Quite 'pity', but we just hope can get another new tar road! XD...

My neighbours were busy to keep their stores and stocks clean through all the stuffs! It is quite spending time and they spent whole day and night for keeping this such things.My dad was helping to drag out the soil that in the tar road. It became hard and need to put some water and drag it is more easy to do. There you can see that, what is the serious happening of my house area. Although flood that time, I emergency and no think about taking photos. But right now, you can imagine what is so serious then. You will shocked that how come the tar road pieces will come out.I also don't know, but only I know is the water came very strong! Seriously...

After this flood, I get a conclusion.
We must have prepared well before it's happen!
Posted by GenYong 11/09/2008

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