Tuesday, September 23, 2008

GenYong was swimming @ Regency Heights

Thank you for who that greeting me for my birthday. Actually yesterday is my real birthday, 22 September 1994 that I born. Although is my birthday but I really missed online, can't inform you all. LOL! Alright, never mine you can even wish me in belated. XD!

Anyway, I would like to show you some photos in swimming pool @Regency Heights, Sungai Ara. Last Wednesday there was Al Quran holiday, then I went to my aunt house to play with my little cousin, Keegan. Then my uncle was in house too, because everyone is off day. Then he decided to bring us for swimming under his condominium.

Group shot in water #1
There was the group shot of GenYong's cousin and his uncle.
Group shot in water #2

Father and son
Father and son here. My uncle and little cousin!
Wow, GenYong smile in the water?! LOL. Making pose.
Group shot in water #3
Cool 'bathing area'. GenYong's do what?
Learning swim
My little cousin was learn to swim. Just kid not well in swimming. XD!
Next time got chance go to Regency Heights to swim, for south west area of penangites best destination.

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