Monday, September 1, 2008

New Theme New Dream!

After Merdeka and after the month of August, my blog rebranded and retheme! Hahax. Refresh all of your view and memory. Since last template that I used is since last year December while countdown the new year coming on. As now I changed my template to the simple template which is version 4 for me. Hope that you can:
  • Enjoy yourself in here
  • Leave more comments
  • Chit-chat more
  • More ideas and jokes
  • Happy in here! etc.....
I change new template and give you all a fresh new look. And the name of my blog changed to GenYong UNITY. This blog considered as United Blog in Malaysia, we are 'Bloggers United' right? LOL.

My version 3 blog template.

New Theme New Dream, UNITY at here! Posted by GenYong 01/09/2008

1 comment:

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