Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My friend YouLoong's birthday

I never organize a birthday party before but I do attend my friends birthday party. I almost seldom make myself attend to those birthday parties because sometimes I was not so free and convenient too. Anyway, in earlier of this month (01.12.2011), I get invited to join on celebrating my friend You Loong's birthday at Neway Karaoke Box, Queensbay Mall.
I make myself first time go into the party room of the karaoke box, make myself celebrating people's birthday inside the KTV. The feeling was so cool and really a big surprise for my friend, You Loong. On that day, he never noticed that we were going to celebrate birthday for him and he just simply follow our instruction went into Neway KTV. After that, we were giving him a surprise.
a surprise from all girls to YouLoong.
After singing some songs, the system turned down and changed the song into birthday song! Wow, everyone were shocked on that and after that everyone started to sing the birthday song together with the birthday cake were delivered into the party room. What a surprise! 
Singing in the dark was so fun and exciting...
Actually this idea were originated from Missyanda and her friends which all YouLoong's friends too. Anyway, we used to plan it while SPM examination still going on and had some discussions while group study at library. It was cool!
Here come the group photos.
Finally, I hope that YouLoong was having his memorable birthday this year with all his friends. Sang for 5 hours of non stop songs make me feel thirsty and sore throat after that. But it's worth that can have a gathering with friends once! =) Posted by GenYong 21.12.2011


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