Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The New Komtar

Walked in Komtar I could feel that Komtar is reviving and the facilities in Komtar are slightly upgrading. Besides that, I could see more and more people walking back to Komtar. Review the history of Penang, Komtar is actually named as Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak which built in 1980s. It was the most high standard shopping complex before previously. But seems to be the time is flying, things are changing so the old style shopping complex has no longer suits the people now!
Since the Penang State Government announced to remain their government offices at Komtar, Komtar being to be having a hope to revive! Recently Penang State Government had develop back Komtar from opening Pacific Supermarket, Komtar Walk, Popular Book Stores, Komtar Bus Terminal, ICT Komtar until the latest 1st Avenue. Today Komtar is better than previous years, although it was not like 1980s that crowded I can see that Penang State Government are trying their best to revive back Komtar!
I was glad to see that Komtar could be reviving back from old style shopping complex into slightly modern... It was really a big shopping triangle in Georgetown. After you walked finish Komtar, you can shop again in Prangin Mall and after that you still can shop to 1st Avenue. Now the new Komtar Level 3 is finished renovated and it turns to be cleaner and clearer view. Good!
Well, Komtar is now lacking of parking lots so hopefully Penang State Government could renovate the current parking complex and attract more people to park their car inside and enjoy their shopping safely. Well done to Penang State Government! I hope that more and more commercial units could back to Komtar and start their business again, carrying out more events to attract more people back to Komtar! Posted by GenYong 20.12.2011


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