Thursday, December 22, 2011


Yo guys, Christmas is just around the corner! Plan to get an iPhone 4S for your christmas or new year gift? N doubts, you can get it with the affordable price via DiGi telecommunication network. Since iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, DiGi is now launching the most affordable package for the latest iPhone 4S. Reading from Nuffnang, I found that this package is worth for everyone, so you have to get it one today!
I am sure you will ask why DiGi and not other telecommunication network. Personally I am DiGi user in mobile phone, this question is like asking myself why I choose DiGi? Hmm... now I tell you why I choose DiGi. DiGi is come from the creative ideas, most of the services from DiGi are attractive and most of them could really attracted a lot of teenagers. First of all, you can get the lowest price of the package in the town! No matter is calling rate, SMS or MMS, Internet and 3G can be considered the lowest price in the town!

Besides that, DiGi also having some attractive apps for iPhones too. For more info, you can login to DiGi Youth Facebook Page to check it out. I am sure almost every week there will have a new deal coming up and you can grab a chance to enjoy it. Such as previously DiGi having the Easy Prepaid which provide the subscriber with 3 number unlimited calls and SMS, it's really attracted a lot of teenagers to sign up it!
Alright, back to the topic. For iPhone 4S, DiGi recommended customer to subscribe the iDiGi 138 plan in order to enjoy the unlimited Internet, you just to pay RM 88 monthly and get an iPhone 4S with just RM 2090. You can read up the latest promotion here:
  • RM1,400 rebate (RM200 off RRP, RM1,200 total rebates incl. Auto-Billing)
  • RM100 waiver for administration fee
  • Free delivery with online purchase
  • 30-day free trial for DiGiMusic™ Play
*Subscribe to Auto Billing at a DiGi Centre today to get a rebate of RM5 every month when you pay with selected credit cards!

I just check out the DiGi website and look through the iPhone 4S iDiGi plans, it was quite worth for the new iPhone users and I think it's the most affordable in the town!

NameMonthly FeeVoice CallSMSMMSData
iDiGi 88
(With Auto Billing)
200 mins200201GB
Choose Plan
iDiGi 138
(With Auto Billing)
450 mins400403GB
Choose Plan
iDiGi 238
(With Auto Billing)
1000 mins600605GB
Choose Plan
Good News! Now you can even buy it with cash or pay up as credit card or using easy payment with installment. Don't worry, there are 0% of 36 months payment that you make! So listen up this, get some idea on owning an iPhone 4S for yourself? If still not understand, go to your nearer DiGi dealer or DiGi centres and ask about it! Any questions can just view in here! Posted by GenYong 22.12.2011
*Sources from DiGi

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