Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas Angry Bird

Yo guys, so how was your christmas celebration recently? Did you receive any gifts from Santa Claus? Yes I was glad to receive a christmas cake from my neighbours. They were so helpful and friendly and I was glad to have such neighbours like them. Well I love the christmas cake very much. The cake is in round size but it was specific designed as an angry bird! Cool... the red angry bird design looks so real and nice!
See? The angry bird design was so unique and it looks so special on that. Isn't it? Hmm... It looks nice but when I taste on it, it was just the simple sponge cake. Can be consider not bad already, this cake was given by people so no matter how we cannot comment much on it. Finally I ate up everything with my family. The taste was normal but the design was awesome!
So what you get for your christmas? Oh ya... actually this christmas my mum had spent a lot on buying new IT stuffs for me and my sister! She was so kind and I love her very much! My sister had bought Samsung Galaxy W and I had bought a brand new laptop Toshiba Satelite L-745 Notebook. A new pearl white colour, the design was so awesome and I love it very much enjoying using it now! Posted by GenYong 27.12.2011

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