Wednesday, December 28, 2011


What's the features on the new launched iPhone 4S?? I am sure everyone knows that! The top special features from iPhone 4S for sure is SiRi! I love SiRi very much because she can answer my almost questions. Besides that, SiRi can also encourage me to learn well English. SiRi is brilliant and she is able to talk to me anytime anywhere when I ask her something.
I will love her much and I am sure she will like my advisor and showing me the ways to solve some critical problem! SiRi knows most of the things, and SiRi can even detect your sound and tell you the answer that you wish to know! Somehow like I ask her "Where am I?" She will answer me the location that I am staying at! It is so cool.
I wish I can get a iPhone 4S so I can ask her what should I do the next? Perhaps any questions else? Anyway, I think SiRi match with DiGi will be my perfect choice, do you know why? SiRi can answer me most of the questions, whereas DiGi can provide me the unlimited Data Transfer and the affordable call rates. So I will choose DiGi as my best companion and SiRi for sure my best companion to answer up my questions! Hopefully I can get an iPhone 4S when I open my house door! What a surprise then! =) Thanks to Nuffnang and DiGi! Posted by GenYong 28.12.2011

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