Monday, December 26, 2011

D'Rock @ Setia Pearl Island

Yo can you rock the world? Hahahaa. Actually what's D'Rock? D'Rock is a natural place which developed in Setia Pearl Island. My house was located near there so I used to every week will go there for once. I can comment that the place there was the peak of the residence area. The place was formed because of the big rock there. The developer Setia Properties did not destroy out the rock but they renovate and refurnish it back and turn to the natural exercising estate.
The first time I went there, I was so surprise to come to this new place which I could see out of the sky and the housing estate nearby. The cool wind was blowing up my mind and I went up there to do my SPM chinese revision before. It was a cool place which suits everyone! A playground up there for children's usage.
I could view the scenery of Bayan Lepas and could see the second Penang Bridge too! It was so nice. I could see those developing houses and which land going to be develop and more. It's a good place to be there for relaxing your mind, release stress and more!
I believe that those Setia Pearl Island residence should know about that. Although they know about that, I saw less people will be going there to have their exercise. Well, maybe is the security problem because that area was secured with security guard, not many people can be there unless you're the residence there! I told the security guard that I go in for exercise so he could let me in! xD
Besides that, Setia Pearl Island Reflection Sky Tower was developing fast now! I think already having higher than 10 floors built. The good quality of building and many workers are working there now. Not bad! I think perhaps next year this building will be completed and more residents are moving in! That time my house there really traffic jam and I am now worry of that! =(
I was there relaxing myself and it's a good place to have some photos shoot too!
The special designed ship was located on top of D'Rock! 
Last few days I went exercising with my sister... We used to walk there from our home and took some jogging up to the hill. After getting the permission from the security guard, we went up there to enjoy the nice scenery view and my sister had made her first time being there. She told me to bring her up to this place again to relax her mind next time. So you should visit there once! Posted by GenYong 26.12.2011


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